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Feline Outdated: ‘Flossie’ Turns into World’s Oldest Cat

Guinness World Records gave one British cat owner the “purr-fect” for her furry friend just ahead of her pet’s 27th birthday.Flossie, who the...

Farewell to the Horse Who Could Have Been America’s Oldest Thoroughbred

Rush may have been the longest-lived thoroughbred in American history when he died at 39. For three decades, his owner said, “He would...

The oldest recognized mass extinction

Mass extinction is, as it were, a way of life. Earth’s history has seen several. The most famous, 66m years ago at the...

The Apple Pizza That Pittsburgh’s Oldest Residents Are Obsessed With

When I get older, I’d like to believe that there will be very few things I need to make me happy. Give me...

Oldest Guantánamo prisoner launched after 17 years | Guantánamo Bay

A 75-year-old Pakistani man who was the oldest prisoner at the Guantánamo Bay detention centre, has been released and returned home, the foreign...

Postcard from Tub: Britain’s oldest lido prepares to reopen

Bath is full of secrets, well-kept by its citizens. Decades ago, I borrowed a basement flat in one of its Georgian terraces, the...

Booker Prize: Alan Garner is oldest author to make the shortlist

Six books make the cut for the coveted prize, including the shortest book to ever be recognised. Source link

Contained in the Fuggerei, the world’s oldest social housing complicated

Before the Rothschilds, and well before the Rockefellers, a single German family dominated global commerce and merchant banking. The Fuggers had a near-monopoly...