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North Korea Exams World’s Resolve by Sending Missile Over Japan

SEOUL—North Korea’s latest missile launch over Japan represents a major escalation that returns Pyongyang to a pattern of provocation it hasn’t used in...

North Korea fires ballistic missile over Japan

North Korea has fired a ballistic missile over Japan for the first time since 2017, sparking emergency public alerts amid a sharp rise...

North Korea Launches Missile Over Japan

SEOUL—North Korea flew a missile over Japan for the first time since 2017, Seoul and Tokyo officials said, a significant escalation that led...

Japan strikes to fill Asia’s $40tn power funding hole in China’s...

Japan is ready to exploit a sharp decline in China’s overseas lending by helping Asia-Pacific countries address the $40tn cost of combating climate...

Japan Warns Residents to Take Shelter as North Korea Launches Missile

TOKYO — North Korea on Tuesday fired a ballistic missile over Japan for the first time in five years, the South Korean military...

Japan cut-price sushi chains wrestle with scandal and a weaker yen

Shares in one of Japan’s “Big Four” chains of cut-price sushi collapsed on Monday, as investors digested a scandal involving a jailed chief...

Japan spent virtually $20bn in effort to defend tumbling yen

Japan spent ¥2.84tn ($19.7bn) in last week’s intervention to stem the yen’s plunge, although the currency is once again trading near levels before...

Japan grants Micron $320mn in deepening US chip alliance

US chipmaker Micron will receive up to $320mn in Japanese government subsidies, marking the first of an expected series of deals to fortify...

Japan says Russia 'blindfolded and restrained' its consul in Vladivostok

Tokyo demands an apology after one its diplomats is accused of spying in Russia's Far East. Source link