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Spark your kiddo’s inventive facet with these modern vacation toys


We all think our kids are budding creative geniuses — and we’re all right. Kids have the ability to create crazy brilliant things out of nothing, like that picture made from macaroni and glue that you display front and center on your fridge.

Whether your little one doodles for hours, performs solo shows for the family, or just likes to make things with their hands, we’ve rounded up picks from Walmart’s The Top Toys List(opens in a new tab) that will keep those right-brained juices flowing. Shop them below for everyone on your nice list.

Strike a pose

If your little one won’t leave the house without a matching glitter bag and shoes, this runway set will be a two-snap hit. It’s called a mega set for good reason — the kit comes boxed with 12 dolls and enough glittery capes, fanny packs, and pocket pets to create over 1,500 fierce looks. 

Fashionably groomed

Convince your lil’ fashionista to stop putting dresses on the cat and unleash their creativity on this toy pony named Cinnamon instead. Cinnamon comes with 26 cute accessories, like hair bows and sparkly horseshoes. She even bats her lashes and she can make over 80 sounds, like kissy noises. Mwah!

Bake it and eat it

If your little chef is obsessed with baking shows, this cute electric oven will let them bake up delish treats like cakes, cookies, and brownies all by themselves. Go crazy with the frosting and sprinkles and you might have a future star baker on your hands.

Clawing to stardom

Your aspiring thespian or mega Marvel fan can don this costume and act out all their superhero fantasies. The mask is super-soft and the claws retract for a real-life vibe. When the show’s over, the claws make nice back-scratchers, too. 

Dreamy digs

This modern three-story Barbie house will kickstart the imagination of every budding design-lover. The working elevator, flushable toilet, and diving board all play sounds and songs (the songs are Barbie-related and super catchy), and the big pieces are perfect for little hands. 

Spritz and style

This might be the most creative and fun DIY kit ever. Kids use the template cards to create avatars, animals, or even a skateboard with the beads. The beads fuse with just a spritz of water, and then kids can stylize their figures with hair buns, cute outfits, and face decals.

Back To The Drawing Board

Make room on your fridge because your little artist is about to get busy. You might remember Spirograph from when you were a kid — and it’s still just as awesome. This loaded kit comes with color markers and will have your child creating kaleidoscopic masterpieces in no time. 

Dress up the pups

This set lets your budding stylist dress Bluey and Bingo in all sorts of fun getups. They just cut out and stamp crazy outfits like swimsuits and princess costumes and then layer on details like eyes and hats. Eleven colors of Play-Doh means the sky’s the limit.

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