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Problem your goal-oriented kiddo with these formidable vacation toys


If your little tyke is in it to win it — whether it’s killing it at soccer or just finishing their veggies before the rest of their siblings — chances are they’re a go-getter in the making. When you’re putting together your nice list this holiday season, you can do them a solid by choosing gifts that will keep them active and in the game.

We’ve compiled a bunch of picks from Walmart’s The Top Toys List that will challenge your budding entrepreneur or tech mogul and teach them the ropes of healthy competition. These are the building blocks of success, no matter what they decide to do when they grow up.

Pop ‘til you drop

This challenging game will keep your kiddo obsessed for hours. Basically, kids pop the circles in the same pattern as they light up and try to rack up the number of times they get it right. The ‘pro mode’ goes pretty darn fast. 

Spin it and win it

This game is trickier than its old-school counterpart. Players put all their discs in the grid first and then spin the columns to line up four discs in a row. Kids have to think about where their opponent’s discs are before they spin, which gives the competition a perplexing twist.

Nail the tricks

If their goal is to shred a halfpipe, this finger skate park can help them with their technique, minus the bruises. Kids put their fingers in the included shoes, the shoes attach to the tiny skateboard, and they practice stunts like ramps, ledges, and rails. Trigger buttons activate shred-worthy tunes throughout, which is a nice touch.

Roll like a champ

This loaded collection has everything your competitive Bakugan brawler could ever want, including two Bakugan that light up in six different colors during battle. When your kiddo is finished conquering their opponent, they can prop their Bakugan up on the stands and show them off.

Look Ma, no screens

Give your littlest gamer their own learning-packed game station, minus the WiFi. The swivel chair has a joystick, pretend headphones, and a tablet that teaches letters, numbers, and animals with cool sound effects. When it’s time for a break, the tablet detaches to become a handy snack station.

Movin’ on up

This electric scooter will make your kid go places, literally. It’s foldable and clocks in at under 18 pounds, so they can take it everywhere. Just kick it to start it and they’ll scoot up to 6 miles on one charge. The high-tech handbrake system adds bonus safety points.

Unleash your future artist

Let your kiddo’s artistic talents run wild on this two-sided easel with a magnetic dry-erase board and a chalkboard. They can draw on it, arrange the included magnetic numbers and letters, and decorate with cool space-themed stickers to create a sure-fire masterpiece.

Ruler of the beats

Today, the living room. Tomorrow, the studio. This music mixer has a “turntable” that scratches, 15 built-in songs, and thousands of sound combinations that your aspiring DJ can layer and loop to create their own killer mixes. Turn on the built-in disco light and it’s a dance party.

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