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‘The Workplace’ star Craig Robinson in snake-hunting TV comedy collection


The official trailer for upcoming series Killing It has arrived, giving us a better look at Peacock’s comedy about hunting snakes to save the environment. And also for profit. Mostly for profit.

The series follows Craig (The Office‘s Craig Robinson), a homeless, broke security guard who gets refused a $20,000 loan to purchase some land. Fortunately for him, he soon meets Uber driver Jillian (Claudia O’Doherty), an Australian woman who also earns cash by killing invasive Burmese pythons. It just so happens that there’s a $20,000 reward for person who kills the most snakes, prompting Jillian to propose a team-up.

“I’m tough,” she says. “Don’t you hear my rugged Australian accent?”

Be warned: Aside from the copious amounts of animal death, there is a scene involving a nail gun and a hand that may turn off people sensitive to such imagery. Of course, considering Killing It is created by Brooklyn Nine-Nine co-creator Dan Goor and executive producer Luke Del Tredici, it’s all played for laughs.

Killing It arrives on Peacock April 14.

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